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Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Request Form

As you consider use of the IDI in your area please note the following requirements:

  • The administration of the IDI will occur in the semester following the request.
  • Scheduling for IDI administration and debriefs may occur earlier or later depending on demand and prior requests.
  • For IDI use, a planning discussion regarding goals and use of the IDI results should occur prior to administration of the IDI.
  • Cost of the IDI is provided by the requesting area, and is currently $18/participant (October 2020). These costs must be provided prior to any access to the IDI and payment is facilitated by an IDI Qualified Administrator (QA).
  • Individual access to complete the IDI is facilitated and provided by an IDI Qualified Administrator.
  • Once all individuals have completed the IDI, a debrief is required and the requesting department can finalize their option/s.
  • Group Debrief option:
    • A group IDI Profile Report and the ensuing Group Orientation Debrief will be provided. This will only indicate the entire groups Intercultural Orientation based on the average of all participants.
    • The group IDI Profile Report is shared with the requesting area and is displayed in the Group Orientation Debrief.
    • Group Orientation Debriefs must be facilitated by a trained IDI QA.
  • Individual Debrief option:
    • An Individual Profile Report (IPR) and an Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) are provided prior to a scheduled/confirmed Individual Orientation Debrief. The IPR and IDP cannot be provided without the IDI QA facilitated debrief. The requesting department will be notified of any individuals who cancel a debrief after receiving an IRP/IDP and appropriate follow-up should occur.
    • All IPR’s and IDP’s are confidential and are only shared with individual participants by the trained IDI QA.
    • Individual Orientation Debriefs must be facilitated by a trained IDI QA.
    • The Individual Orientation Debrief is confidential and no elements of it can be shared by the trained IDI QA.
  • Group Orientation Debriefs can stand alone and do not require Individual Orientation Debriefs.
  • Individual Orientation Debriefs can stand alone and do not require Group Orientation Debriefs.
  • The requesting department is responsible for communication of timelines and will lead debrief scheduling for their staff and trained IDI QA.