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Strategic Plan 2024

Our Vision

We envision a campus with greater access, a culture that supports opportunities for all, and communities made stronger through intentional engagement with the University of Tennessee.

Our Mission

To guide our campus and communities in the development and advancement of practices that promote equitable access to opportunities and resources.

We Value

We value and affirm that embracing difference in values, world views, beliefs, identities, viewpoints, and abilities make us stronger.
We maintain the highest professional and ethical standards by fostering a climate of trust, accountability, respect, and humility.


We build relationships on campus and with communities to advance access, opportunity, and growth.

We believe in fair and equitable access to opportunities.


We Commit to

  • Develop and implement policies, procedures, processes, and structures that foster inclusive and accessible learning and working environments.
  • Create and sustain an inclusive campus community culture where all are welcomed and valued.
  • Facilitate opportunities for dialogue that bridge across differences to create a community of mutual respect and understanding.
  • Lead campus change based on data-driven assessment and evidence-based practices.

Framework for Action



Ensure that programs we offer are accessible to communities across Tennessee and beyond.

  • Understand and remove barriers for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to support campus access goals.
  • Engage communities to build pathways and pipelines to increase access for students across Tennessee.
  • Partner to support effective faculty and staff recruitment and retention efforts.


Implement structures and practices that support a culture where everyone matters and belongs. 

  • Identify and mitigate structural barriers through collaboration across campus.
  • Expand strategy and assessment resources to support transformational change.
  • Recognize and highlight proactive efforts.

Culture of Respect

Nurture change that supports inclusive behaviors, a culture of respectful dialogue, and a greater understanding of difference and viewpoint diversity.

  • Foster and enhance connections among students, faculty, and staff.
  • Equip students, faculty, and staff to promote inclusive practice through educational opportunities.
  • Develop and advance values that support a diversity of viewpoints, perspectives, and lived experiences.


Deepen and extend the university’s ability to connect with Tennessee.

  • Enhance connections with center city and rural areas through Flagship communities.
  • Build strategic community partnerships to make positive change.
  • Support faculty in community-engaged scholarship.

High-Impact Initiatives

High-impact initiatives represent high-impact actions led by the Division to support progress against our strategic goals:

Pathways to Access
Expand pipeline programs targeted in Flagship communities to encourage awareness and access to the University of Tennessee
Campus Accessibility
Expand ADA training and programming to support campus accessibility goals



Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Retention
Expand training and programming for effective faculty and staff recruitment retention practices
Framework for Assessment and Effectiveness
Build a comprehensive framework for campus culture and climate assessment to support program effectiveness and serve as a resource for campus departments and divisions


Flagship Communities
Expand the Flagship Community model in center city and rural areas
Carnegie Community Engagement
Support the re-affirmation of the Carnegie Community Engagement designation for the University of Tennessee