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Current DAE Funding Recipients

This page contains information about past DAE grant winners. View current opportunities. For more information contact Dr. Javiette Samuel, Associate Vice Chancellor at

Fall 2023 Award Recipients

Principal Investigator Project Title
Dan Jin Transforming the Hospitality Workplace: Fostering Marginalized Employee Wellbeing and Equality
Dr. Stefanie Benjamin Speakeasy to the Truth
Dr. Sukanya Moudgalya Harvesting Hope: Fostering Urban Agriculture Through Community-Driven AI Education and Civic Empowerment

Principal Investigator Project Title
Alyssa Hayes Engineering Mentoring Workshop Series at Austin-East HS
Elizabeth DeGeorge School of Art High School Art Academy
Julie Lohnes Katrina Andry Exhibition and Events
Patrick Grzanka; Erin McConocha – Co PI Understanding the Needs of People Accessing Harm Reduction Services in East Tennessee
Rhea Carmon Collectively Speaking

Principal Investigator Project Title
Ivonne Vidal Pizarro University of Tennessee at Knoxville’s Campus-wide Research Poster Symposium
Tracy Van de Vate Grandparents as Parents – Parenting the 2nd Time Around Conference
Caren Broadnax Community Service Engagement
Ronda Wright Creating Artifacts of Home

View Past Recipients

Principal Investigator Project Title
Guy Harrison Black Ice: an (Auto)Ethnography of Black Hockey Fandom and Media Consumption in the US
Minjie Li Together Yet Divided: How Strategic Communication Can Improve the Intergroup Relations Among Marginalized Groups
Briana Rosenbaum Using History of Discrimination in Legal Education to Promote Critical Conversations about Systemic Racism, Institutional Responsibility, and Restorative Justice

Principal Investigator Project Title
Liz Teston Public Interiority Exhibition Community Design STEAM Installation
Janiece Pigg Furthering the Establishment of Spanish 4-H Youth Curriculum and Parental Resources
Erika Mitchell Understanding Relationship Needs for Foster Care and Adoptive Families: A Provider Perspective
Jennifer Bolden Strengthening Underserved Communities by Cultivating Engagement and Supporting Scholars (SUCCESS)

Principal Investigator Project Title
Lyndsey Hornbuckle Effect of Partner Support During Exercise in African-American Adults Dyads – Community Advisory Board Expansion
Shannon Hayward Creating Growth Opportunities through the Arts for Underrepresented Populations in Knoxville
Alison Buchan Knoxville-Tennessee Environmental Soil and Stream Testing (K-TESST)
Janiece Pigg Advancing Programmatic Accessibility in Outdoor Recreation and Camping in 4-H Youth Development